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sxx123 May 15
At the introductory meeting for the local kids rec-league basketball season, we coaches of fifth-graders received a four-word message that would make Gregg Popovich cringe, let alone a bunch of volunteer moms and dads:Three-point shot: YES. Jaguars Jerseys Sale .For the past five seasons, we had avoided this most awkward of youth-sports topics -- Can I shoot a 3? The answer was always a reasonable No. The league doesnt have them.Now, all that work wed done over the past half-decade to encourage high-efficiency shots -- unguarded, balanced feet and above all in your range ... the quintessential Good Shot -- was threatened to be undermined by the gravitational pull of long-range mind-bogglers from the likes of Steph Curry, along with the kids confidence that the 3-point line was closer to derring-do than the universal plaintive wail of the youth coach: Dont!As coaches of 10-year-olds, how could we mitigate the siren song of the silly-long 3? The solution came in the form of what might be the only real competition with Curry-esque 3-jacking in a kids imagination:Chuck E. Cheese.Parents know the birthday party haven that ensures your kid will come out wired on pizza, attention-revving punch and fistfuls of tickets theyll flash your way when you come to pick them up, steering you toward a wall of prizes that probably cost 1/100th of the spending that went into earning those tickets.Its brilliant, really. The kids are obsessed with the acquisition of tickets and then trading them in for stuff that likely wont make it through the rest of the day without being broken or lost.And so taking a page from the restaurant, I designed a youth-sports motivational system that can only be known as ... wait for it ...Chuck E. Threes.Heres how it works:For every play a kid makes that is actually one we as coaches want them to make -- a good shot, a solid screen, hustling after a loose ball, making a deflection, picking a teammate up off the floor -- they earn a point. Its just like a Chuck E. Cheese ticket, I told them.Amass enough points and you get the green light to take a 3.It is simple and it is something the kids innately understand because they all have Ph.D.s in Chuck E. Cheese Economics: Ive seen them master supply, demand, arbitrage, hedging -- all in the context of Skee Ball, Whack-a-Mole and the claw game.And so Im using the cacophony of Chuck E. Cheese to manage -- OK, thwart -- their compulsion to jack up 3-pointers in a game just because they now can, and replacing it with a familiar reward system that at least ensures that the team will see 20 smart hustle plays first.Hopefully by that point, the hustle plays translate into just enough winning basketball to offset the 3-point shots that no 10-year-old should be taking.But this is 3s?were talking about. There is no greater currency for a grade-school basketball player. Except maybe Chuck E. Cheese tickets.Dan Shanoff writes about parenting for espnW. Jaguars Jerseys Hoodies . The giant slalom world champion slipped during her first run in the morning, landing on her back and then twisting forward before getting her leg caught in the protective material on the side of the slope. Taven Bryan Jersey . Nigeria beat surprise package Ethiopia 2-0 in the second leg of their playoff for a comfortable 4-1 aggregate victory. Victor Moses converted a 20th-minute penalty after an Ethiopian handball, and Victor Obinna made certain of Nigerias place in Brazil with his powerful free kick in the 82nd at UJ Esuene Stadium. . - Blake Griffin had 30 points and 12 rebounds, J. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys 2018 NFL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China ' ' '